Writing Competition

Entries are now closed, thank you to those who have entered.


How long can my story be?

500 words and not a word over!

Who can enter?

Any child aged between 5 and 16 who lives or goes to school in the Wyre Forest district.

How long can my poem be?

20 lines typed or handwritten

How do I enter?

1. Write your story or poem on the theme of FOOTSTEPS.

2. Ask an adult (parent/guardian/teacher) to fill in the entry form which is available on our website: www.stepintostories.org.uk.

3. Get your adult to enter using the form on our website or by emailing us at competition@stepintostories.org.uk putting your the word STORY or POEM followed by your name and age in the subject line of the email. Make sure they attach your story/poem as a word file/pdf or a scan/photo of your handwritten work and a copy of the correct entry form.

4. Please don’t include your name on the story or poem but do include the title so we can keep track of your work.I can’t type, do you accept handwritten entries? You can send a scan/photo of a handwritten story or poem as your entry, but please make sure the handwriting is easy to read for our judges!

When will I hear if I have won?

Winners will be informed during the last week of March, but the official announcement will be on April 1st.If you don’t hear back from us by then we’re sorry but you haven’t won this time...there’s always next year though!

I’ve bought tickets to an event already, so can I have a different prize?

We’re afraid not but don’t worry...the winner will receive two tickets to an event of their choice, so if you’ve already booked tickets you can either choose to go to another event or we will refund you the price of the tickets. Tickets are not exchangeable for another prize or for any cash alternative.

Can I use my prize to attend MG Leonard’s event on the SVR?

Unfortunately, this event is excluded from this competition. But we are lucky enough to have a separate event at the Hall with MG Leonard which is included.

Can someone help me write my story/poem?

We all need a little help now and then. An adult is allowed to help you with your handwriting or typing, but the story or poem must be all your own words (and NO AI entries will be accepted!). You are also allowed to discuss your ideas with friends and family, but again the final story or poem must be all your own words.

Can I enter more than one story or poem?

Each person can enter one story and one poem only. You don’t have to enter both categories (but it does give you more chances at winning!).

I’ve already entered a story/poem but now I’ve written a better one, can I enter that instead?

Sorry, but no. We will only accept your first entry, so make sure your story/poem is the best it can be before you send it in.If you’re bursting with ideas, then why not get started on your entry for next year!

I’ve lost my story or poem, can you send it back to me please?

We’re very sorry, but we will not keep copies of any entries after the competition, so make sure you save your work somewhere safe before you send it to us.