Clare Helen Welsh

Clare is a former primary school teacher turned writing tutor and children’s author, living in South WestEngland with her husband and two children. Clare does her best writing by the sea (or on the sofa with a dog on her lap!), which is lucky because she lives close to many beautiful beaches and the salty sea air (and has a dog calledHope!)

When Clare isn’t writing stories, she is inspiring children to write their own. She loves visiting schools, libraries, bookshops and festivals in her authormobile, giving her an outlet for her BIG ideas. Once she helped a class make a giant rice crispy cake that was so wide it wouldn’t fit through the door!

But her best idea yet has been putting pen to paper. Clare loves writing whacky, funny books but is also passionate about writing stories that help children deal with big feelings and difficult issues, including dementia, divorce and serious heath issues. She has recently started writing books that are a mix of fact and fiction, interweaving non-fiction with brilliant storytelling.

Clare is the founder of Books That Help –an initiative that aims to celebrate picture books and how they can be used therapeutically to navigate life’s up and downs..