Chrissie Sains: Breakfast at the Jam Factory – Ages 7+ (~50mins)

Breakfast at the Jam Factory: Munch on bread and jam while Chrissie brings you on a tour of her Alien in the Jam Factory series.

An interactive session jam-packed with fun and full of imagination.

Chrissie Sains grew up in Billericay, Essex, where she spent her childhood seeking adventure and finding trouble. Described by her teachers as having a “lively imagination”, Chrissie’s escapades include her attempted rescue of the school’s pet fish and the discovery of a dead body in a field that turned out to be two tyres under a sheet.

Chrissie always had a love of storytelling but was sometimes shy about writing her ideas down. With encouragement from her family, Chrissie eventually mustered the courage to put her stories on paper and found fulfilment in bringing her imagination to life through writing.

Chrissie’s ‘An Alien in the Jam Factory’ series, illustrated by Jenny Taylor, features a hero with Cerebral Palsy and a highly inventive mind. It is a comedy for 7+. Chrissie is also co-author with Cara Mailey of Cara’s debut children’s novel, I Got This, inspired by Cara’s experiences living with achondroplasia (dwarfism).

Chrissie loves meeting young people and talking to them about their interests and aspirations. Passionate about inclusion and empathy, Chrissie loves talking at schools and festivals, sharing her journey from reluctant reader to author and inspiring young people to believe in themselves.

Suitable for ages 7+)

10:00 am
The Education Room – Bewdley Museum